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Spring Forecast. Ep 10: PFFF PFFF! BAM BAM! with Loraine Dambermont

Episode Summary

The exceptional Loraine Dambermont on deconstructing the extraordinary Johnny Cadillac in the Sounding Them Out miniseries of Spring Forecast. Presented and produced by Dany Mitzman Music Theme tune: Spring Forward, kindly written and produced for Aerowaves by ZA. Additional music by Loraine Dambermont. Special thanks to Johnny Cadillac for his YouTube videos

Episode Notes

Sounding Them Out episodes are part of Spring Forecast, a series of podcasts produced and presented by Dany Mitzman, documenting the Spring Forward Festival in Dublin 2023.

Spring Forecast also gives you a taste of the special initiatives developed by Aerowaves alongside the Spring Forward Festival, as well as diving into some of the many fascinating themes explored by the artists.

Spring Forecast is just one strand of Aerowaves’ new podcast series, our way of telling the world about contemporary dance across Europe, discussing wider topics around art and life, and demystifying the choreographic world.